Batcombe (Telegraph Hill)

Fine XC site. No flying on shooting days, usually Wednesdays during the season – October to February.



From the North: From Yeovil take the A37 south towards Dorchester and after 7 miles take a left turn to Batcombe and Minterne Magna. Follow this road for a couple of miles past two left turnings for Batcombe (and the Friary) and the Hilfield Nature parking, and then after a 1/4 mile emerging from a wood there is a large grassed/mud lay-by on the left with two gates. If conditions are dry enough, enter the gate on the right and park inside on the right. Park in a position that doesn't block the gates or the gap as the farmer needs to get his tractor and equipment through. The right-hand gate has a footpath marker. Walk across the field along the ridge to the take-off in the clearing to the west of a barbed wire fence that runs up the hill.

From the South: As above but take the A37 north from Dorchester to Yeovil and turn right for Batcombe and Minterne Magna after about 7 miles, just after passing the white "golf ball" water tower and the Southern Counties Clay Shooting park.


Take-off between the trees. Beware of rotor from the trees if wind is off to the North. Don't fly too close to the ridge in the area of the aerial during the pheasant rearing season (Feb-Apr).

HG Take-off

Make sure you are comfortable with the width of the take-off area. Large high aspect ratio HGs may find there is not much room either side...

HG Top Landing

Anywhere in take-off field, but beware of wind gradient/shear/rotor behind trees. The large field behind is an alternative, after first checking whether it is in crop or not.

PG Top landing

Behind take-off or anywhere in the same field.

PG Side-Slope Landing

Tricky, but possible if experienced immediately in front of take-off. Watch out for pilots trying to launch.

Bottom Landing

Any of the fields in front of take-off, but HGs need to be aware that they slope slightly down towards the lane (into wind).

XC Potential

Excellent. Pilots have flown from here to the other side of Salisbury, Swanage, and Kimmeridge etc. Don't land in the Minterne Estate (large country pile immediately downwind). Be aware of Firing Range at Lulworth, Bovington Danger Area D015 and Bournemouth ATZ.


Beware of rotor behind the trees. Be careful of flying too close to the trees whilst scratching in light winds. Cars causing an obstruction to farming activities may suffer inadvertent damage!


Shooting Dates during the season (could be rough or clay shooting) generally on a Wednesday. NO FLYING.


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Mr Vickery

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